Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gundam 00 AMV Progress

I've uploaded the latest beta of my Gundam 00 AMV, which is about 1:00 of the 3:19 song.

Pretty much all of the editing so far is set to stay, unless I find some better footage later on to replace some parts. I haven't really gotten into the Season 2 footage yet, and may make some changes once I've gone through all that footage.

(Beta has been removed, to see the full AMV view this post or click the AMV.org link in the "Latest AMVs" section to the right.)

I'm not going to upload any betas to YouTube or any streaming site (unless the megavideo becomes available).

More progress and betas coming soon (on both my AMVs.) I've started working more on them, and hopefully will get them done soon.


Dwight said...

It looks good so far. I really love the song choice. Keep up the awesome work.

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