Saturday, October 24, 2009

Windows 7

So I bought the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade today (3 pack, so I can put it on 3 computers) and installed it tonight, and so far, I'm loving it!

What I'm loving even more is the fact that all the programs, codecs, files, and settings involving my video editing and my AMVs were not messed up at all, and still work flawlessly! (Also that my AMV projects don't show up as black clips in the timeline, which has happened many times before from a switch to a new computer or an upgrade). The entire upgrade from Vista to 7 was incredibly smooth, and I didn't lose anything or have to reinstall anything! The only downside was how long it took to install. But it was well worth it. Its speed and efficiency far surpass Vista, and it will be a pleasure to edit AMVs on this computer now that it has Windows 7.

Now I just need to stop staring at the wonderful features of Windows 7 and get more done on my AMVs.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Still active, just lazy.

After I finished "Soul of a Lotus Eater" and after Anime Boston, I got really pumped to do the two AMVs I'm working on now, which are:

1. Anime: Gundam 00
Theme: Setsuna and Marina (Drama or Romance, haven't really decided yet, but still lots of Action too)
Song: Evil Morning - Crazy About You

I'm hoping to obtain a perfect mix of Action and Concept with this AMV (As most of the feedback on Soul Of A Lotus Eater was that it was ALL action and NO concept), and since the lyrics are Japanese I won't rely on lyric matching (which is sometimes my downfall) and will come up with something original.

2. Anime: Black Heaven
Theme: Comedy
Song: Paul Gilbert - Older Guy

In an attempt to come up with a perfect AMV concept I stumbled upon this song which matches this Anime perfectly. The song was literally written for the main character of Black Heaven and it is utterly hilarious. I hope to win big concept points with this one.

I have all the footage I need for both these AMVs, DVD rips of both seasons of Gundam 00 and decent rips of Black Heaven (not quite DVD, but good enough). I just need to buckle down and get them done. I just started my first full time job (Jr. Web Developer at an Ad Agency) in July and have been working hard, and in my free time I have video games to get through, Anime to catch up on, and have just been lazy with the AMVs. I already have a bit of progress with the Gundam 00 one, and the Black Heaven one shouldn't take long to make. So look forward for some updates on the progress, some previews, and then the finished AMVs!

I have added the songs in my current AMVs to the sidebar.
Check them out!