Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So... last night my YouTube account was deleted because of copyright claims. I lost EVERYTHING. All my videos, all my views, all my favorites, I even lost my personal account that I wasn't using for AMVs because it was linked to my gmail as well.

I'm making a new account which is currently http://www.youtube.com/user/breeman241 in order to try to re-upload some of my AMVs. But I'm going to have to be careful which AMVs I upload so I don't get another account suspended.

Besides that, I'm finally getting more done on my AMVs. Check out the beta page for some preview http://www.jeffinteractive.com/amv.html

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AMV Non-Progress

So the two AMVs that are in my "Started" section to the right (and on my amv progress page) are far along, but at a standstill. I always get so enthusiastic about an idea at first, but then hit a wall. I'll try to finish these AMVs, but they need improvement. Any suggestions (comment below) would be VERY helpful, as its hard to complete a good AMV with little to no feedback. If you guys want to see more AMVs, then comment on the ones I'm working on and let me know if you like what you see and what should be changed/improved!

Another reason my AMV's haven't had anymore progress is because I've been busy 1. Playing Monster Hunter Tri (yes, I'm back to playing an MMO) and 2. Doing side work for my internship boss. So those have taken up most of my time after work lately. I even missed the deadline for Connecticon, which I was going to enter my Soranowoto AMV in. Oh well, I can't go anyways, I should have just entered one of my other recent vids instead.

I also came up with a song for an AMV that is not even in the planning stages yet (but will be soon) that I'm hoping will be my first multi-anime, effect heavy, totally awesome action video, and will blow all my previous action videos away. The song is Angra - The Course of Nature, and I promise, it will be truly epic and awesome.

New blog theme today because Google added template customization. Whoohoo! Looks spiffy =)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

AMV Progress

One thing I get asked a lot when I'm working on AMVs is, what anime and song? Now that wouldn't be hard to answer if I used popular songs in my videos that everyone knew, but usually, an AMV I make contains a pretty obscure song.

But with the creation of Grooveshark, which even has those obscure songs, I can show my fans the song I'm using within a nice embedded player right on my site. After realizing the convenience of those players and using a section of my blog sidebar to display them, I realized updating the fans of my progress right below the song would be even better. So I proceeded to add information and beta links right there for anyone to view and download. That sure helps keep my blog free of the clutter of posts saying (LOOK I ADDED 5 MORE SECONDS TO MY VIDEO HERES A BETA!). With this sidebar I can simply change the beta link and the time completed next to the video and not have old outdated links and posts lying around.

Now to make it even EASIER for my fans I went and created a web page (on my portfolio site host) containing all that same information, with some added design (reflecting the AMV currently being worked on). Click on the banner below to go there and see!

Now you can expect up-to-date progress on both my blog sidebar and on the AMV Progress page. I am currently hard at work on my Soranowoto AMV and it is coming out great! I will be uploading a new beta sometime within the next week or so, and will probably be done with the AMV pretty soon. I'm really enjoying making AMVs lately and am able to edit very fast thanks to my new desktop computer, so keep checking back and checking out the betas!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Older Guy (Anime Boston Finalist in Other)

I finished my Fun/Upbeat/Other AMV just in time to enter it in the Anime Boston AMV contest along with Celestial Scars. I obviously didn't spend as much time on this video, but I think the concept worked great, and am pleased with how it came out. I dropped off both AMV's at Adam's house, so I know for a fact that they are in his hands and being processed. *Update* I have been informed that both are finalists!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celestial Scars (Anime Boston Finalist in Action)

Yes, it is finally complete. My Gundam 00 AMV Celestial Scars is up for download here. On that page you have the option to choose from various hosting sites, so there are plenty of mirrors. I will be adding the video to AnimeMusicVideos.Org as well as uploading the video to YouTube at some point. I'll of course be submitting this AMV to Anime Boston, and if I get my Fun/Upbeat/Other AMV done today I'll submit that as well.

Here is the AMV.ORG Link

Speaking of YouTube, today I received some emails from YouTube telling me that two of my DBZ AMVs (Broly's Poison and Punch-Out!!) have been given the option for revenue sharing on YouTube. As I don't own the rights to either Dragonball Z, or the music used in either video (although I could probably get permission from Game Over on the Punch-Out one) I'm not going to apply them for revenue sharing as I'm sure they'll be deleted. I'm just amazed they were considered for revenue sharing at all. If anybody has any information on whether Anime Music Videos get approved or not, let me know. If DBZ is free reign and I only need to get permission from Game Over for my Punch-Out AMV, then I'm totally doing that. If I can actually be a YouTube partner, that would be sweet, but I doubt Anime Music Videos are eligible at all, and that I can't make money off of them.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Gundam Beta

I am very close to finishing the video, and just figured I'd post this last beta before I finish it, just so I can take a step back and look at the AMV before I finish video in case I notice any more little tweaks I want to make. I'm trying to make this video the best I can for Anime Boston this year, and I don't want to enter something I'm not completely satisfied with.

(Beta has been removed, to see the full AMV view this post or click the AMV.org link in the "Latest AMVs" section to the right.)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm working on it!

Yes, I'm still working on my Gundam 00 AMV. I've started to put it off a little even though I've repeatedly said 'I'm working on it!' but now I really mean it. I've hit the 2 minute mark in the AMV, and am working on it every day now in order to get it done (only 1 month till the deadline) and maybe even get my other 2 AMVs done in time as well. What's the second of the other 2? Well that is a secret for now, and you'll just have to wait and find out (if I even finish it that is). New beta soon, if I don't just finish it and put the full vid up.