Tuesday, June 29, 2010

AMV Non-Progress

So the two AMVs that are in my "Started" section to the right (and on my amv progress page) are far along, but at a standstill. I always get so enthusiastic about an idea at first, but then hit a wall. I'll try to finish these AMVs, but they need improvement. Any suggestions (comment below) would be VERY helpful, as its hard to complete a good AMV with little to no feedback. If you guys want to see more AMVs, then comment on the ones I'm working on and let me know if you like what you see and what should be changed/improved!

Another reason my AMV's haven't had anymore progress is because I've been busy 1. Playing Monster Hunter Tri (yes, I'm back to playing an MMO) and 2. Doing side work for my internship boss. So those have taken up most of my time after work lately. I even missed the deadline for Connecticon, which I was going to enter my Soranowoto AMV in. Oh well, I can't go anyways, I should have just entered one of my other recent vids instead.

I also came up with a song for an AMV that is not even in the planning stages yet (but will be soon) that I'm hoping will be my first multi-anime, effect heavy, totally awesome action video, and will blow all my previous action videos away. The song is Angra - The Course of Nature, and I promise, it will be truly epic and awesome.

New blog theme today because Google added template customization. Whoohoo! Looks spiffy =)