Thursday, October 30, 2008

So... not much going on in my Anime Music Video world right now. I accidentally lost my Soujiro remaster project, as well as the new Soul Eater AMV I was working on. And Ulead Media Studio isn't supported by Vista so I can't even edit in my familiar software right now. I've also been busy with my last semester of College before internship. And I've been working on my Portfolio. Hopefully I'll get going on an AMV (preferably a restart on my Soul Eater AMV) in either Avid or Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 soon.

Check out my portfolio at

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anime Boston

So... been a while since i've posted because I've been busy with school, but last weekend was Anime Boston! And my AMV "Breadline" was one of the action finalists in the AMV Contest! Now it didn't win, but it was certainly an awesome experience, seeing my video on the huge projectors in front of over 2000 anime fans!

However, the video that did win Action, in my opinion, totally didn't deserve it. It was a poorly edited, low quality, various anime, effect overload AMV which only won because the audience liked the "Dethklok" songs it used. Now I like Dethklok, its awesome and all, but the quality of that video in no way did it justice, and even the quality of those songs, and the way those songs were edited together was awful. When I first saw the AMV contest, that was the one AMV I wasn't worried about beating me. What video I was worried about in the Action category was a Kingdom Hearts AMV with a Within Temptation song. This video did get more votes than the Dethklok one, but won the "Best of Show" award. That video was at least well edited and high quality, but it also got popularity votes. But, like I said, it was still an awesome experience to be in the finals, and maybe i'll be able to actually win the contest in future years, instead of get beaten by beginner editors who just get the popular vote.

As for the rest of Anime Boston, registration day was a nightmare, 5+ hours waiting in line even though I PRE-REGISTERED Online.... and the people who didn't even Pre-Register had to wait 10 hours! That was pretty ridiculous. The Pillows concert was awesome though, and I even got their autographs, and the dealers room and artist alley had some neat stuff, which I blew some money on. Overall it was a great con, despite the downsides, because of certain things (Being in the AMV finals/Pillows concert). Heres some pics of the con:

Heres a portrait me and Jocelyn got done by an Artist in the Artists Alley

And heres my AB badge, signed by the Lead singer/guitarist, lead guitarist, and bassist of The Pillows.

As for AMV news, I haven't really started my next AMV yet, although I have all the footage prepared. And my Soujiro's Lost Soul remake is now at a standstill, even though its almost done. I'll finish it soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Soujiro's Lost Soul (Remaster Update)

I have now reached the 3:14 mark in my remaster of Soujiro's Lost Soul. Some of the scenes are tough to re-edit because I lengthened certain clips and duplicated parts of clips that is hard to mimic again. But as you can see by the side by side way I'm editing the video, I'm able to match the scenes pretty well. Also, these pictures above give you a good idea of the improvement of quality this video is getting (new video on the left, old video on the right). Hopefully I'll have this video pretty much done soon. I probably won't have it completely done until after spring break because the end of the video uses scenes from later episodes, and I left my Kenshin box set at home.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blind Guardian Remasters

With the remaster of my AMV "Soujiro's Lost Soul" in progress, which uses Blind Guardian's "Punishment Divine" I have been listening to Blind Guardian's remastered albums that were released just last year. The remasters start with their first album "Battalions of Fear" and go all the way up to "Nightfall in Middle Earth."

I'm a huge Blind Guardian fan, and I agree that most of their older songs are better than their new ones. But I had never really been able to listen to their old stuff, because the masters sucked. The guitar was just way too low and the instruments kinda meshed together and clashed. It didn't have the vibrancy and quality their newer albums have. But that was before the remasters were released. Blind Guardian take all of their old songs, and up the quality to that of their current releases, making these old albums much better than they were when they first came out.

All of the remasters can be found on Dioses Del Metal (this link brings you to an archive page of 2007 albums including these Blind Guardian albums) I Highly recommend them all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Warehouse Battle

A new video, but not an AMV! This is a short video my friend Zach filmed over the summer. I play the good guy, and my friend Brandyn plays the bad guy. And we have a sword duel to the death! I also contributed with sound and music editing! (Once I got used to using the mac lol)

Also, Soujiro's Lost Soul remake... coming soon...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why do I upload my amv's for others to download when most people just use them in their amvs without giving credit?

That was a question asked on my YouTube page by oron345. Well oron, here is my answer.

I upload my AMVs to Anime Music as the original files that other people can download and use as their own because I want my fans to view my videos at full quality. I do not like the quality of anime videos on YouTube, and actually don't even like watching my own videos on YouTube. But its a convenient place for them to be.

However, I also do not like the fact that people steal my videos and use them as their own. I do not condone this at all and wish that anybody who has uploaded any of my works would take them down. This is however, not going to happen. As it has happened on many occasions, in many places, in many ways (uploading the video itself, uploading the video but changing the music, editing parts of my videos to different music, etc.).

Also, I have no copyrights on my videos, since I don't own the copyrights to the Anime and Music themselves, and cannot claim I own the video. So people stealing my videos is bound to happen regardless and there is nothing I can do about it. Even if I only put my videos on YouTube there are ways of stealing video from YouTube, and it would probably still happen.

In conclusion, I upload the full quality, easily snatchable versions of my videos because I want my fans to view them in their full original high quality format, and what they do with the file is their own business, but I severely dislike my work being taken and posted where no credit is given to me.

Also, I put title clips in my AMVs for a reason. It has my name in it, and shows it was truly "I" who made it.

Whoa that became quite a rant eh? I guess I answered your question ^^;