Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ok, so I'll definitely have an AMV in time for AB this year!

Editing is now going very smoothly on my Soul Eater AMV, and I even have an extension of the AB AMV deadline from April 1st to April 9th THANKS AGAIN ADAM!!! Although I probably won't even end up needing that time anyways, its good to have it.

check out the beta here:


Just click that link, and "save-link-as" the beta-pt1.mp4 from that directory.

Or grab it on Megaupload

Or check out the Megavideo (Low quality)

This is essentially just the first part of the AMV, the second part is a little over a minute long of a later part in the song, where I'm going to use awesome footage from the second Maka Vs. Crona fight. Gonna do some really sweet editing in that part. Total length of the finished vid should be around 4:30.

Comments please!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will I have an AMV for Anime Boston this year???

It seems doubtfull...

I have less that two weeks to finish at least one of the two AMVs I'm currently working on. Problem is, I can't seem to get anywhere in either one. I seem to have lost my AMV editing groove...

I was hoping to upload a beta of my Opeth/Soul Eater AMV to YouTube for some quick feedback to give me more incentive, but NO! Opeth is licenced and YouTube won't allow it! Figures!!

Anyways, the two AMVs that are going nowhere are:
1. Anime: Soul Eater, Song: "The Lotus Eater" by Opeth - Maka and Soul themed vid, plenty of action, and main focus on the Maka/Soul Vs. Crona/Ragnarok fights. The HD raws make this AMV top quality.

2. Anime: Gundam 00 (Both seasons, probably) Song: "Toys" by Frost* - This is starting out to be a fun one... too bad I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where to go with it. DVD footage for the first season and a few HD raws of second season. Sadly all the first season footage I have isn't in HD, forcing me to reduce the quality of the final vid to only 480 instead of 720...

And I also got inspiration to recreate my old "Banishment of Shishio" AMV, which I hope will go smoother than my recent failed attempt at remastering "Soujiro's Lost Soul." Then again, I'll be lucky to complete any AMV these days...

But i'm gonna keep trying, and HOPEFULLY have my Soul Eater vid done in time for AB...

Anyways, heres a LINK to the beta I tried to upload to YouTube.

just right click and save-link-as, this link: