Thursday, May 6, 2010

AMV Progress

One thing I get asked a lot when I'm working on AMVs is, what anime and song? Now that wouldn't be hard to answer if I used popular songs in my videos that everyone knew, but usually, an AMV I make contains a pretty obscure song.

But with the creation of Grooveshark, which even has those obscure songs, I can show my fans the song I'm using within a nice embedded player right on my site. After realizing the convenience of those players and using a section of my blog sidebar to display them, I realized updating the fans of my progress right below the song would be even better. So I proceeded to add information and beta links right there for anyone to view and download. That sure helps keep my blog free of the clutter of posts saying (LOOK I ADDED 5 MORE SECONDS TO MY VIDEO HERES A BETA!). With this sidebar I can simply change the beta link and the time completed next to the video and not have old outdated links and posts lying around.

Now to make it even EASIER for my fans I went and created a web page (on my portfolio site host) containing all that same information, with some added design (reflecting the AMV currently being worked on). Click on the banner below to go there and see!

Now you can expect up-to-date progress on both my blog sidebar and on the AMV Progress page. I am currently hard at work on my Soranowoto AMV and it is coming out great! I will be uploading a new beta sometime within the next week or so, and will probably be done with the AMV pretty soon. I'm really enjoying making AMVs lately and am able to edit very fast thanks to my new desktop computer, so keep checking back and checking out the betas!