Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Old DBZ AMVs Recovered

So I had a wave of nostalgia recently and decided to go dig up some of my old AMVs (and a couple I thought were lost forever). I'm in the process of adding them all as links on (as the original mpgs, and reconverted mp4 files). Compared to the quality of AMV's nowadays, most of them look like shit, but they're still watchable. Give them a look over at my profile

Also, here's an HD YouTube embed of Cataclysmic Clash

Monday, December 12, 2011

New AMV: You've Been Shot

Click the links below to watch my new AMV. The image links to the AMV Announcement Thread on (If you're a member, please leave a comment there, and also an opinion too!).

Not to be too over confident, but I'm pretty sure this'll make Anime Boston finals next year. I think it was more solid of a concept than my "Dog's of War" video, and that one made finals too.

I also plan to start my 5 Cm Per Second AMV soon (details in the previous post). And I will also be entering that in the Anime Boston AMV contest (assuming I finish it on time, I have about 3 months, so that shouldn't be a problem).