Thursday, March 27, 2008

Anime Boston

So... been a while since i've posted because I've been busy with school, but last weekend was Anime Boston! And my AMV "Breadline" was one of the action finalists in the AMV Contest! Now it didn't win, but it was certainly an awesome experience, seeing my video on the huge projectors in front of over 2000 anime fans!

However, the video that did win Action, in my opinion, totally didn't deserve it. It was a poorly edited, low quality, various anime, effect overload AMV which only won because the audience liked the "Dethklok" songs it used. Now I like Dethklok, its awesome and all, but the quality of that video in no way did it justice, and even the quality of those songs, and the way those songs were edited together was awful. When I first saw the AMV contest, that was the one AMV I wasn't worried about beating me. What video I was worried about in the Action category was a Kingdom Hearts AMV with a Within Temptation song. This video did get more votes than the Dethklok one, but won the "Best of Show" award. That video was at least well edited and high quality, but it also got popularity votes. But, like I said, it was still an awesome experience to be in the finals, and maybe i'll be able to actually win the contest in future years, instead of get beaten by beginner editors who just get the popular vote.

As for the rest of Anime Boston, registration day was a nightmare, 5+ hours waiting in line even though I PRE-REGISTERED Online.... and the people who didn't even Pre-Register had to wait 10 hours! That was pretty ridiculous. The Pillows concert was awesome though, and I even got their autographs, and the dealers room and artist alley had some neat stuff, which I blew some money on. Overall it was a great con, despite the downsides, because of certain things (Being in the AMV finals/Pillows concert). Heres some pics of the con:

Heres a portrait me and Jocelyn got done by an Artist in the Artists Alley

And heres my AB badge, signed by the Lead singer/guitarist, lead guitarist, and bassist of The Pillows.

As for AMV news, I haven't really started my next AMV yet, although I have all the footage prepared. And my Soujiro's Lost Soul remake is now at a standstill, even though its almost done. I'll finish it soon.