Thursday, March 4, 2010

Celestial Scars (Anime Boston Finalist in Action)

Yes, it is finally complete. My Gundam 00 AMV Celestial Scars is up for download here. On that page you have the option to choose from various hosting sites, so there are plenty of mirrors. I will be adding the video to AnimeMusicVideos.Org as well as uploading the video to YouTube at some point. I'll of course be submitting this AMV to Anime Boston, and if I get my Fun/Upbeat/Other AMV done today I'll submit that as well.

Here is the AMV.ORG Link

Speaking of YouTube, today I received some emails from YouTube telling me that two of my DBZ AMVs (Broly's Poison and Punch-Out!!) have been given the option for revenue sharing on YouTube. As I don't own the rights to either Dragonball Z, or the music used in either video (although I could probably get permission from Game Over on the Punch-Out one) I'm not going to apply them for revenue sharing as I'm sure they'll be deleted. I'm just amazed they were considered for revenue sharing at all. If anybody has any information on whether Anime Music Videos get approved or not, let me know. If DBZ is free reign and I only need to get permission from Game Over for my Punch-Out AMV, then I'm totally doing that. If I can actually be a YouTube partner, that would be sweet, but I doubt Anime Music Videos are eligible at all, and that I can't make money off of them.

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