Saturday, December 22, 2007

Frost* - Milliontown (2006)

Formed in September 2004 by Jem Godfrey, Frost is the product of several of Prog Rock's top musicians.

Written and Produced by Jem Godfrey

Jem Godfrey- Vocals, Keyboards
John Mitchell- Guitars, Vocals
Andy Edwards - Drums
John Jowitt - Bass
John Boyes- Additional Guitars

Hyperventilate 07:31
No Me No You 06:06
Snowman 03:55
The Other Me 04:51
Black Light Machine 10:06
Milliontown 26:35


When I first got this album, I expected it to be just another generic prog band, and not anything special. But I was wrong! This album combines recording and mixing techniques of popular music, with the classic instrumentally intriguing style of prog rock. Some of the vocals get a little too poppy at times, but then you just get blown away at the instrumental ability that you start to not even mind the poppy vibe it gives off. Jem's reasoning for the "pop" sound in the album is
“Most prog bands sound as if the last thirty years never happened. How can that be progressive? It’s much more difficult to write pop hits than most people think. You have to get to the point as quickly and as effectively as possible. When you can tell people something inspiring in three minutes, using a wonderful melody and wrapping it in great production, then you’ve got a hit. I don’t see why it can’t be the same with prog.”

Definately give this album a listen, its like pop music, for prog fanatics like myself. I may even use a song by The Frost in an AMV sometime in the near future... if I get a good idea that is.

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