Sunday, December 16, 2007

First post, so heres some music/anime/movie reviews!

So apparently anyone with a gmail account automatically has a blog... pretty sweet. I deleted my live journal recently because I never use it, but a blog seems like a better choice. So time for me to post some reviews on music, anime, and movies I've enjoyed recently

Tiles - Fly Paper (2007)
Can't believe I've never heard of this band before. Solid album thats not too heavy and not too mellow. Good melodies, and nice original style. Now I need to go and find some of this bands older stuff, which is really hard to find.

Ayreon - 01011001 (2008)
With all the great guest musicians on this one, it definitely satisfied my expectations! I am definitely going to buy this when it comes out. I have listened to it many many times since it leaked. There are only a couple songs I skip over occasionally, some of the slower shorter songs. But the rest of the album rocks completely! With artists such as Hansi Kursch, Ty Tabor, Jonas Renske, Daniel Gildenlow, Tom Englund, Simone Simons, Michael Romeo, Derek Sherinian, and Tomas Bodin, this album is definately one of Arjen's greatest work to date!

Black Cat
I had started watching this anime when the fan subs were being released, but for some reason stopped around the 10th episode and never ended up finishing it. Boy was I missing out! After going back and re watching the anime from the start with my friend James, Black Cat is definitely an anime worth watching. The story just gets better and better throughout the series, especially at the end when all the characters join together (enemies and friends) and work to stop the greater evil.

Welcome To The NHK
Another anime I started watching, then stopped. This slice of life anime really puts you in the mind of college dropout Satou. Its very interesting to see how his hikikomori life changes due to the influence of a young girl named Misaki.

Juushin Enbu - Hero Tales
Only five episodes have been subbed so far, but I hope the rest (up to episode 11) get subbed soon, because this has got to be my favorite new anime of the season. The story revolves around seven star spirits and the fact that the two most powerful stars who rarely exist at the same time have shown themselves amidst a time a war. Which one will overcome the other, and rule the world?

I Am Legend
Will Smith plays a scientist bent on finding a cure to the genetic deformation virus which was supposed to "cure cancer" that has transformed pretty much all life in New York city, and other surrounding sections of the world into ravaging beasts. Killing mostly everyone who came in contact with it, the virus spread wildly and transforming most survivors into vampire like creatures. Leaving only a small percentage of immune humans. Most of those humans were torn apart by the infected. This movie shows Will Smith's struggle of living alone, avoiding the infected, and finding a cure all at once. One of the best movies of 07.

Also, heres a link to my Interactive Media II final project, which maps out all of Dream Theater's side projects and bands related to Dream Theater. 21 different bands so far!

More reviews soon!

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